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Our Business Strategy

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Five Star Gaming’s vision is to create a company with predictable long-term profitable growth that will be highly valued by its shareholders. Our company is implementing three business strategies to accomplish its vision.

The First of the three strategies is to grow the company’s assets. The more assets the company has, the greater it’s potential for diversification and growth. Five Star plans to increase its assets base through the growth of new and existing taverns throughout Nevada. Five Star Tavern enjoys the reputation of having well-established successful locations with a consistent branding that its customers seek out.  

Second the prudent management of our cash flow, including the ability to increase the return of capital to shareholders while maintaining a strong balance sheet and ample liquidity to invest in future growth opportunities, remains a cornerstone of our strategy.

Finally this brings us to the focus of the assets we are working to obtain. Five Star Gaming strongly believes in using the latest gaming hardware and software from its vendors including but not limited to IGT, and Aristocrat along with many others to provide top of the line equipment to its team members, to enhance every guest’s experience.  We have implemented a solid network infrastructure to support these enhancements with our IP based infrastructure to better support our VoIP, POS system, surveillance, and website, and marketing databases.  Keeping current means never being left behind.      

The gaming industry is highly competitive. It our duty to anticipate our competition’s marketing, promotions, and adapt quickly, It will be our greatest challenge to maximize our efforts with the insight of what our competition is doing to stay one step ahead of them. Our approach with keep us diligent and highly competitive.

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